I March To The Beat Of A Different Drum..


Don’t include me in your crazy rhetoric. As a woman, this does not represent me. I am not an extremist or a feminist. No one is stealing any of my rights or beliefs. I am not a victim. I am not oppressed. Look to the Middle East and Africa where this is really needed…where the real rape culture is.

Have women been discriminated against? Yes, and it was wrong. It wasn’t corrected by burning bras or wearing offensive hats depicting female genitalia. That discrimination was overcome by the hard work of millions of women. The battle was won by showing the world through our efforts, studying more, and working harder. Actions always speak louder than words.


8 thoughts on “I March To The Beat Of A Different Drum..

  1. it is typical of the left to say they speak for all women or all minorities.

    then if youre a woman or minority with different views than theirs, they simply claim you are self-hating. its a silly, bigoted trick, but whatever.

    how many things are more sexist than claiming to represent all women, then trying to silence any woman who disagrees with your politics? 🙂

    i didnt vote for trump. i exercised my american right to stand back while trump supporters, stein, bernie and johnson supporters, and abstainers like myself stopped the hillary train– because she is a lying criminal who hates us; it needed doing, and we did it together. thank you.

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  2. I found the link to your post at Community Pool and was lured in by the subject…and that question. I think it’s because you wrote about a hot topic and pushed back against a popular take on the Trump inauguration in an honest way without being insulting. People like that, and tell their friends.

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