For Cindy…

I learned yesterday that a childhood friend passed away after several years of fighting breast cancer. I didn’t realize the extent of her illness because distance separated us and we didn’t check in with one another as often as we should have. If I’d only known then what I know now….

I didn’t cry until I sat down to write this and all the precious memories I have of my friend came flooding over me.

After high school we grew apart as most of those friendships tend to do, however we did stay in touch with one another. She was a kind woman, a good wife, and amazing mother. She leaves behind a daughter the same age as my own. I know her well enough to know that she fought hard these past few years to enjoy every moment she could with her little girl. I’m sure her wish was to see her graduate and go out into the world on her own, but it wasn’t God’s plan….and that makes me sad because we can never understand “the why” and just have to accept it.

It’s times like these we wish we would have called to talk or made plans to get together. All the reasons or excuses we used to put it off come crashing down around us. We feel guilty and selfish. We thought we had time. We didn’t. Make time. That old saying “it’s never too late” isn’t true.

I have no doubt she was a fighter and that she fought until the very end. When you see someone battle cancer remember, They. Are. A. Warrior. They find strength they didn’t even know they had and are an inspiration to all who know them.

If there’s someone who’s been on your mind or an old friend you’ve wanted to reach out to…do it! Make the call. Make plans. Follow through. You don’t always have the time you think you do.

**You can slow down now Mario…you made it home.


12 thoughts on “For Cindy…

  1. I feel that you feel most for her because you knew each other as you were both developing and it saddens you most witnessing your parallel motherhood. I didn’t feel evoked to call on any friend because of this article but admire your sense of care and relieving the anguish perhaps the reality of sickness and death settles in. It makes us cherish things we forget to…thank you.

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    1. Your first sentence is most likely correct. I think I added the last part about reaching out because it can be a difficult thing for me to do and I wish it wasn’t. It was my way of saying if we knew what the future held it would be easier to do.

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  2. I’m sorry to hear of your friend. May she RIP. It’s interesting how in times of electronic communication we driven further apart than before. Yes, we should check on one another for those special friends. ❤

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