Real Neat Blog Award…

It’s always exciting to be nominated for an award. Thank you for the nomination!

I’ve been asked to answer the following five questions so here goes…

Favorite game?  I like to watch baseball and hockey, but overall I’m not a huge sports fan. I’ve been playing Yahtzee With Buddies on my phone recently. Trivia games of any kind are probably my favorite.

Favorite brand?  Not big on brand names. I’ll go with Victoria’s Secret. Tide and Dove soap…I never buy generic when it comes to these two items.

Crazy about? My family and traveling! 

Favorite pastime? Watching movies. Reading. Enjoying the outdoors. Spending time with my daughter….these are just a few.

My ideal…?  I’d love to travel to every place I’ve ever wanted to go and not have to worry about the expense.

Country I’d like to visit? Can I say all of them?!  If not, Thailand is the obvious answer followed closely by Australia. 

Again, thanks for the nomination and thank you to everyone for reading. Have a great day!


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