3 Day Quote Challenge…Day 2

It’s day two of the 3 day quote challenge. I’m supposed to post 3 quotes, but just like yesterday I’m posting more. I’m such a rule breaker with this challenge! 
I’ve decided to use book quotes today. There were so many good quotes to choose from it was hard to decide, so I chose the first quotes that came to mind.

I hope you enjoy reading them!

4 from The Kite Runner…one of my favorite books and filled with many good quotes. I wrote a post about the first quote back in March and I think I may write a post about the second quote in the future. The quote challenge is also good for ideas!

Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland

Here are a few from The Game of Thrones book series.

To Kill A Mockingbird

Club Dead From The Sookie Stackhouse Series 

And this one from Max Lucado…I can’t remember which book it’s from.

Thank you for reading. I’d like to thank https://survivinginjapan.wordpress.com/for the nomination. I am nominating https://askriverbed.wordpress.com/ for the challenge if they would like to participate. I challenge anyone else who would like to give it a shot.


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