Come join the party!🎉🎉🎉


This is only the second blog party I have hosted. However, I thought that due to my upcoming bloggaversary of my first year blogging, that it’s the perfect time to host a Par-tay!!

Everyone here has made it possible for me to continue blogging and I would like to give you a sincere ‘Thank You!’ for being awesome!

The gig is pretty simple:

  • Say hello and drop your link in the comments below
  • Don’t be a wall flower, meet some people! Eat, chat, drop some rhymes or funny anecdotes and enjoy yourself!


  • Reblog this post on your site, the more, the merrier!
  • Grab some hors d’oeuvres & a glass of bubbly, then check out some of the other sites 🙂




  • Enjoy yourself!


I’ll be hosting this party for the next few days, so don’t be shy!

So here we are, let’s party!


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6 thoughts on “Networking Party: Come on in!

  1. Hi,
    I met you at Roberta’s blog party. That was nice of you to hold a party. I hold them also. I have ten networking events on my site each month.
    Congratulations on reaching 202 followers. Are you a new blogger? I help new bloggers at my site. I recently explained how to get 621 page views in less than 1 day.
    Maybe you can check out my blog if you need a blogging tip or two.
    I clicked on your link since you said at the party you are looking for new blogs to read. Try mine. I am currently holding a contest. Four bloggers will be featured.

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