Netflix and Chill

I’m sure everyone has heard the phrase “Netflix and chill“. I’m aware the phrase is code for “lets hang out and have sex”. That’s not what this post is about. I really do mean it literally when I say “Netflix and chill” as in, be lazy and binge watch some tv by yourself! Sure it would be nice to have a cute guy to cuddle with while watching a tv series or movie marathon, but I’m fine at this stage of my life to actually chill by myself.

It’s not a bad thing to lounge around on the couch in comfy clothes while eating a warm, home made brownie with vanilla ice cream while watching several episodes of a tv series. Perhaps I did or did not do this earlier today. I’m not admitting to it by any means, but it could have happened.

Imagine if Netflix doubled as a dating service like “here are 7 other people who have binge watched Sons of Anarchy for 8 hours straight”.  Think about it Netflix!

I don’t watch a lot of tv, but there are several shows that I do watch. Season six of Game of Thrones ended in June and won’t be back until next spring. Season six of Homeland isn’t rumored to start until January. The Walking Dead doesn’t come back until October. Thankfully American Horror Story will be back on in September. Needless to say, I’ve found myself in a “show hole”. (I still miss True Blood by the way).

A couple of weeks ago I wasn’t feeling well, so I found myself laying around with nothing to watch on tv. Realizing I had a Netflix account and a fairly new Smart tv, I downloaded the app to the tv and started watching Orange is the New Black. I was hooked and watched it off and on most of the day. I’m sort of ashamed to admit I finished all four seasons in the course of two weeks, and unfortunately found myself in another “show hole”.

Currently I’m watching another prison show on Netflix called Wentworth and once again I’ve found myself hooked. I’m not binge watching, but I am watching more than I normally do. Oh well, the housework isn’t going anywhere and I can fold laundry and watch tv at the same time….multitasking!

I’ve got my money’s worth out of my Netflix account this month and once I finish Wentworth I’ll have to get my priorities in order and go cold turkey until I’m not addicted to Netflix anymore. On the plus side, my American and Australian prison slang is really good!

As far as chilling with a cute guy while watching Netflix goes…never say never, but I get to pick the show and he better bring brownies and ice cream!

Just a few rules for chilling by yourself and watching Netflix…

1. Get comfy…Sweatpants. Pjs. Yoga pants.

2. Pick a technique…tv or laptop?

3. Choose a location. Couch? Bed? There’s no wrong choice as long as you’re comfy.

4. Don’t answer the door or phone. It’s all about you and only you!

5. Stock up and eat everything. Pillow. Snacks. You’re not going anywhere.

6. Watch as much as you can. Next episode!

7. Be safe and use protection! Have some extra pillows and get up and move around folks. Bedsores are real!


15 thoughts on “Netflix and Chill

      1. i know and i can stay awake till i finish the entire season…not good when i have to work the next day or do training sessions….but some series are so compelling….i remember seeing the entire season 1 of marco polo in 2 days but season 2 left me a bit wanting…it is what it is….

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  1. Omg…..I love that you’re a Walking Dead fan. I have a post coming out in the coming weeks about my obsession with October and The Walking dead is part of the reason why I love the fall sooooo much. I seriously go through withdrawals when it’s not on. The anticipation of its return is equal to Christmas and I’m not being remotely dramatic lol

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    1. I’ve watched it from day one and I’m equally as excited for it to come back on! I’m sure you’ve seen the memes with a pretty fall scene that says “your October” and then the bottom half of the meme shows a WD photo that says “my October”. That’s us! I’m really excited that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is on the show! The cliffhanger from the season finale? It better not be my favorite character!!!

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      1. Actually nope, haven’t seen the me memes yet! I’ll have to scan my IG more carefully lol. YES, that season finale was nuts. I know some people hated it, I loved it. I’ve watched extensive videos about the theory of who it was…..I love Daryl and Glenn so much, so I’m hopeful it doesn’t turn out to be them

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      2. If there was a way to include it in the comments, I would! I didn’t hate it, but I’m impatient so I want to know who it is NOW! Lol. I’ve read a lot of theories, too. If we’ve learned one thing at all from watching TWD…no one is safe, not even the main characters! #pleasenotdaryl

        We might need to exchange emails so we can chat about it more…and in keeping with the theme of the post, a day or two of binge watching past episodes before the new season starts may be in order! Lol

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