Under The Willow Tree…

For me, nothing brings back childhood memories like a Weeping Willow tree. 

Our neighbors had one in their backyard and it was THE place to go! All the neighborhood kids would gather underneath its branches. It was a magical kingdom, a hangout, a clubhouse, a place to hide…we would play with our Barbies and tell secrets. It was the “safe” place when we played tag. We’d braid the branches and swing on them like vines in a jungle. 

When I moved into my own home guess what kind of tree was in the yard? A Weeping Willow. I’d watch my daughter and her friends play underneath the branches of this tree. They called it “fairy land” and made many special memories of their own. 

When she was about six years old a bad storm blew through and uprooted it. We found it laying across the yard. We went outside to check for damages. I remember she cried and said, “my fairy land is gone”. The kids in our neighborhood came by as we were cleaning up and were quite upset that their special place had been destroyed. 

This weekend I attended a birthday party out in the country by a lake that was surrounded by Weeping Willows. One of the trees had a bench under it and I couldn’t help but sit underneath it for awhile. It is such a beautiful place and for just a moment I was a kid again. I took the picture accompanying this post as I walked away. I also took a selfie sitting on the bench under the tree. Maybe one day I will use it as my profile pic for my blog. 

My friend’s father who owns the home on the lake, jokingly told us he was thinking of cutting it down. He knows how much we all love this tree. I told him if he did, I’d chain myself to it before he could cut it down. Everyone agreed with me and said I wouldn’t be chained to it alone. 

Hope y’all enjoy the photo and maybe it will bring back some memories for you, too!


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