Egg Roll In A Bowl…

It seems the theme of my blog has been about food this week. I guess I’ve been in the mood to cook. I try to stick with things that are quick and easy…I like to cook, but don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen. 

I find a lot of new ideas for food on Pinterest. I always change them up to make them “my own” and I’m sorry to say I don’t usually measure anything which makes it hard to explain sometimes. 

The latest is egg roll in a bowl. All the flavor of an egg roll minus the wrapper and its low carb as well! As I said, the idea came from Pinterest but I made up my own recipe. I hope y’all aren’t tired of the food posts. I promise to take a break from food for awhile! Here it is….


1 pound ground pork 

1 bag Dole Chopped Sesame Asian salad kit found in the produce section. Also inside the bag is a sesame and ginger vinaigrette which you will use as your sauce. ( you can use any kit that contains cabbage and carrots or you can buy all the ingredients separately and chop them yourself if you prefer)

Black pepper and garlic seasoning to your taste.

Trader Joe’s 21 seasoning salute (I gave it about six shakes) if you don’t have it, that’s ok. Make the recipe your own and use whatever you have!

1/4 to 1/2 cup soy sauce


Fry the pork in a large, deep skillet. Don’t drain. Once pork is thoroughly cooked, add the salad mix to the skillet with the pork. Stir and mix well over medium heat for 3-4 minutes.  Add the seasonings, soy sauce, and vinaigrette from the salad kit. Mix well. Reduce heat and continue cooking for another 5-10 minutes. Don’t over cook. You want the vegetables to be a little crunchy. The kit also comes with fried wonton strips and slivered almonds. You can use these to garnish. I served it with a side of crab rangoon. 

That’s it folks! Supper was ready in under 30 minutes and that makes me happy!

**the salad kit I used did contain some romaine and kale and those wilted quickly when heated. It doesn’t affect the taste, it’s just not as pretty on presentation. The kit came with the vinaigrette and toppings so for me it was worth the trade off. Like I said earlier, make it your own. Next time I think I’ll try it with shredded chicken instead of pork. 

As long as you have the cabbage, carrots, soy sauce, and pork (or meat of your choice) as your base ingredients, you can’t go wrong! 

Have a great week!


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