Thank You…

I’ve reached 100 followers! Well, 101 to be exact, but who’s counting….

Almost three months ago I started my blog. It was a scary decision to put my thoughts out there for others to read because overall I’m not an open book type of person. I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to read what I might write about.

Fast forward to today when I got the message…100 people have followed you! I know the things I write about aren’t that great or even that interesting, but if it’s made someone smile or helped someone feel better or know they’re not alone, then it was worth it. I write for myself in the hopes that someone can relate to it. I also hope you’ve tried some of my recipes or got a kick out of my travel goals and experiences. 

I thank each and every one of you for taking the time to read the things I write about and following my blog. It’s part of my daily routine to take the time to read what you write as well. I’ve felt nothing but welcome from the blogging community and I’m so glad I took that step.

Thank you again!



19 thoughts on “Thank You…

  1. Never Give up. I started mine in January, in February I got my domain, and I have grown exponentially since then and am continuing to grow faster everyday.
    Check out my site for a plethora of inspirational and motivational reads to help give you that extra push.

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      1. There’s a few ways, you can click my profile, head to the site and sign up for the newsletter, like the Facebook page or follow us on Instagram!

        But for WordPress specifically, on the reader you can usually search for me or click my gravatar.

        Or all the above, but definitely keep moving forward!

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