Summer Vacation 2016

Hello friends! One more day and then it’s time to go home. This isn’t coming from my beach chair as I had hoped, but from my balcony overlooking the beach.
Things started off a little rough. We weren’t able to stay in the water the first day due to the June grass. If you don’t know what it is, it’s disgusting. For lack of a better description…it looks like green snot and we didn’t know it was there until we got in and were covered in it! We didn’t let it stop us though. We hung out on the beach and stayed out of the water.

The next few days Tropical Storm Colin passed within the area and delivered a lot of rain, rough waves, and rip tides. Once the rain stopped it was back to the beach, but not in the water. Double red flags mean stay out!

If it sounds like I’m complaining I don’t mean to. You can’t fight Mother Nature, but we were disappointed. A day at the beach even out of the water is still better than being at home!

Things started looking better by the fourth day and we’ve swam and floated in the Gulf every day since!

If you read my post from last week the following will make sense to you. I did get some crab legs and they were awesome! The girls ignored me, but not as bad as I expected. They actually spent time with me! I would like to note however that I am now immune to eye rolls and exasperated sighs!

I’ve taken lots of awesome pics that they weren’t thrilled about posing for and as predicted, they asked me for every one of them so that they could post them on Instagram.

Earlier I was sitting in the parent viewing area at a local restaurant while the girls were in attendance at a teen night dance party. They just hung back and observed because we don’t have anything like this back home. Let me say this though….if some of the kids I observed  were mine, I’d have drug them out of there so fast they wouldn’t have known what happened and then I’d enroll them in a square dancing class!

Here’s a little story from earlier tonight. One of my daughter’s friends is just the sweetest most innocent kid I’ve ever known. Whatever pops into her head comes right out of her mouth. As we drove to the dance party she told me while they were there I should go out and get knocked up!?!  She had no idea what it meant…she thought she was giving me permission to find someone to hang out with while they were at the dance. I had to tell her what it really meant and no, I didn’t get “knocked up”! It’ll be a great story for her to remind me about when she comes to visit me in the nursing home one day!

I’m now at the condo sitting on the balcony with a glass of Moscato listening to the waves crash on the beach. I’m gonna miss that along with the evening walks on the beach.

It’s been a great vacation.  We made a lot of memories, made some new friends, and ate at some unique restaurants. Best of all once the weather cooperated, we spent some relaxing days on the white sandy beaches and in the turquoise blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico in Destin Florida.

Tomorrow we’ll spend our last day at the beach and take it easy. Hope for a yellow or green flag for us!


4 thoughts on “Summer Vacation 2016

  1. I haven’t really been to a beach… hope I don’t sound weird hahaha 🙈… but I love your descriptive experience of the whole stuff… I run from water especially big ones 😂😂.. I love to admire them from a distance.. maybe I did go to a beach when I travel back home… maybe

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