Who Am I….

21 Answers…

I know a lot of people hate getting tagged in those Facebook posts where you paste a series of questions on your page and answer them….a way for people to get to know you better. I think they’re fun and enjoy reading other people’s posts. I’ve also seen other bloggers give facts about themselves on their blogs so that others can get to know them. I’m going to borrow this idea and put my own twist on it. Twenty-one fun facts about me that you didn’t ask…

1. My favorite color is turquoise blue.

2. I’m a night owl.

3. I love pineapple, ground beef, and
green pepper pizza.

4. Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead,
and Homeland are my three favorite,
must watch tv shows.

5. I won a poetry contest in the fourth
grade and it was published in my
hometown newspaper.

6. I’m claustrophobic.

7. My all time favorite songs are
More Than A Feeling by Boston and
The Flame by Cheap Trick.

8. I can’t leave the house in the morning
unless I make my bed.

9. If there was only one place in the world
I could go, it would be Thailand.

10. I’m a descendent of Comanche chief
Quanah Parker….however I’m an
American “mutt”. Native American,
German, Irish, and English. What a

11. I’m divorced and have one child.

12. I have too many favorite movies to
list. Steel Magnolias and Imitation of Life
are two of my favorites.

13. I’ve never been to Disney World, but
when I do, I’m getting photos with
Mickey and all of the princesses.

14. I’m a kid at heart…see number 13!

15. I love the beach and mountains.

16. My high school chemistry teacher
told me I wouldn’t be able to get into a
health care program. Not only did I
succeed and graduate, but I went on
to become a clinical instructor of the
program and have worked in my
chosen field for over 20 years.
I no longer instruct students, but I’ve
never once told them they couldn’t
achieve their goals.

17. I love chocolate, but not chocolate
milk or chocolate ice cream.

18. I’m very honest…sometimes too
honest. I hate it when someone lies
to me. It destroys trust and makes me feel
like I’m not respected.

19. I love road trips, get aways, and

20. I can be moody and retreat into my
own world sometimes.

21. I express myself better by writing
versus speaking.

Please feel free to comment and let me know something about you☺️ Have a great day!



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